We've all heard people talking about their 'beach bodies' in conversations over the past few years. The increasingly popular catch phrase tends to kick in around spring break and makes people--women especially--feel like they have to meet some sort of unrealistic expectation in time for summer. Like, if we can't all slip into a size 2 string bikini by Memorial Day, we're going to have our pool cards revoked until we reach a predetermined 'goal weight.'  
At PBX, we love being part of your fitness journey and we love helping you feel great about yourself regardless of what the number on the scale says. However, our philosophy about getting a 'beach body' is as follows:
BOOM! It's that simple! If you have a body--and we're assuming you do if 
you're reading this--then that's all you need to rock the beach (or pool) this summer. There's no 'right' size...there's no 'right' shape...there's no 'right'
weight. You do you! Enjoy the sunshine and soak up that Vitamin D (using sunscreen, of course!) Get outside with your friends & family members and have a blast. 
And, then, when you're done enjoying all of that summer fun, come cool off in the studio with our awesome instructors to. Because regardless of what shape your body is in, this summer the only burn we want you to get is from pushing yourself on our reformers!
Now get out there and enjoy this summer before it's over!