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The Importance of a Routine

Even though there are dozens of school options in this area -- traditional, year-round, charter, private, magnet, home-school -- August is typically thought of as the 'back to school' month for most kids and parents. Along with the start of a new school year come new teachers, new friends, new subjects and especially new routines. Waking up to an alarm clock, packing lunches, sports, clubs, homework. It seems overwhelming, but somehow the chaos dies down as everyone gets back into a daily rhythm.

We've all heard people talking about their 'beach bodies' in conversations over the past few years. The increasingly popular catch phrase tends to kick in around spring break and makes people--women especially--feel like they have to meet some sort of unrealistic expectation in time for summer. Like, if we can't all slip into a size 2 string bikini by Memorial Day, we're going to have our pool cards revoked until we reach a predetermined 'goal weight.'  

PBX Celebrates 5 Years!

On April 22nd, we celebrated our 5-year anniversary with our favorite people...you guys!