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Whether you have attended a few barre or Pilates fitness classes or have yet to try them, you have probably heard of "the tuck." Different classes and instructors call it different things, including "dropping your tailbone," "pelvic tilt," "tuck your pelvis under," and "heavy tailbone." These all mean the same thing and, when done right, it has great benefits for your strength and your posture.

The Benefits of Barre

Barre is an integral part of the PBX® Method, offered exclusively at PBX Pilates Barre Extreme in Raleigh, NC. Although barre fitness classes are a huge trend right now, like many fitness trends, it’s not widely understood by those who aren’t really doing it. Let’s look at what it’s really about.

Pilates, which is a key component of the PBX exercise program, has a reputation for being an intense workout for dancers and other serious athletes to help strengthen their core. Perhaps the last people you would expect to practice this form of exercise are those who suffer from back problems or are recovering from back surgery. However, these are exactly the type of people that pilates was designed to help.