Our Team

Libby Bradley Burton

Owner and Instructor

Libby Bradley is the owner and founder of the PBX® method. Libby started doing pilates in Los Angeles and completely fell in love with high-intensity pilates. After growing up a competitive gymnast for 10 years, Libby was looking for something that would help heal old injuries while still feeding her love for challenging exercise. Libby returned back from Los Angeles and dreamed of opening a modern pilates and barre studio. She created the method of PBX® pilates barre extreme to give people a whole-body workout that is easy on the joints, while still creating the results of high-impact exercise. With Libby’s past experience of dance, gymnastics, and pole vaulting, the PBX method was born. The PBX® method uses the new modern reformers and the barre really opens up the possibilities beyond traditional pilates and weight training to achieve that long sculpted and toned look. PBX® provides all the benefits of traditional pilates combined with principles of modern kinesiology with a touch of cardio. Libby’s energy and enthusiasm helps challenge her clients and inspires them to get stronger. She believes that you can get stronger every day both mentally and physically through the PBX method.


Ethan Burton

Owner and Instructor

Ethan has always been active and loves sports. He played baseball, basketball and football while growing up in Raleigh. He focused on baseball in college, pitching for four years at Brown University. After graduating, Ethan started to go on longer and longer runs. The last few years, Ethan’s running became more competitive as he completed the Tobacco Road and City of Oaks marathons. In search of a workout to counter-balance the aches and strains of distance running, a friend suggested PBX® to Ethan. He could not believe how much better his hips, lower back and legs felt from the stretching and strengthening of PBX. He also noticed a huge difference in shoulder stability and strength after years of weight lifting and pitching. Ethan looks forward to working with clients to improve core stability and enhance overall fitness. He loves starting the day off with a high-intensity PBX® class. His favorite move is inchworm because it engages the whole body, stretches the hamstrings and hits those abs hard!



Michelle MacFarlane


Michelle is originally from the east coast of Florida and grew up dancing, swimming and surfing. After moving to Seattle and having two children, the rainy weather and busy lifestyle of two small children caused her to lose that connection with fitness. In 2006, her family made the decision to move back to the east coast to Raleigh, North Carolina. The beautiful weather renewed her passion for exercise and movement. Starting slow with walking every day, she transitioned into lifting weights and running. It was during some heavy-duty circuit training that she got injured and had to stop exercising, or so she thought. When a friend talked her into trying pilates, she realized this was one way that she could work out during her injury. In the past year she has fallen head over heals for pilates. For her, this form of exercise and movement gives her the strength training and cardio she craves. Coming to the PBX® studio and working with Libby was so inspiring that she wanted to be a permanent part of it. The PBX Core Jump class helps Michelle to work her core and her legs when her injury is bothering her. But the intensity of the PBX Cardio Circuit class merges together her love of high cardio and pilates for a great well-rounded workout. Helping others to become stronger and exercise in a safe environment is something that she wants to share with everyone.


Kristen Ivory


Kristen grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Raleigh with her husband in 2004. Exercise and learning new types of movement then became a huge part of her life. She learned to swim as an adult and has completed several sprint length triathlons as well as a half marathon. After attending classes for almost two years, she decided to learn the PBX method and join the team! The PBX method has taught her how to use her core to move and stabilize the body. She loves the variety of movements and class types that can be done using the reformers in combination with modern pilates. She loves any whole-body exercise because it maximizes your workout and hits every part of the body. Kristen lives in North Raleigh with her husband of 12 years, two precious little boys, and two crazy chihuahuas! She is also a part time preschool teacher. She loves being a positive influence in physical fitness to her boys.