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The Method

The PBX® Method fuses the disciplines of Pilates, Barre and Yoga, highlighted by limited class sizes and individual attention. Understanding movement is the first step to achieving a sculpted physique, so get ready to breathe through the burn and push your muscles to fatigue!

The Experience

Through the guidance of our inspirational instructors, you will learn the use of modern reformers and props to engage all the right muscle groups for optimal results. Get pumped with our amazing playlists that keep you motivated through every pulse and plank.

The Results

Our motto is SLT: strengthen, lengthen, and tone. Through our program, you will experience the long, lean lines you've been craving for an overall sculpted physique through intense cardio workouts, core strengthening, cross training and much more.

download our app
Download our app

Download the PBX pilates barre extreme app today to plan and schedule your classes. From this app you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view location and contact information.

Find your focus
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I loved this cleanse

I loved this cleanse and have ultimately decided to adopt this as a lifestyle. I know that it could be pretty tough with Thanksgiving right around the corner, but I think that it will be well worth it. Jonathan and I decided that having a cheat day for special occasions or monthly date night - PBX client

BX allows you to consistently be challenged

PBX® allows you to consistently be challenged to get the most out of each and every single workout. The variety of workout you get in one session at PBX® is unlike any I've ever experienced. It always leaves you feeling strong and accomplished not only physically, but also mentally. - PBX client

This has been the best workout

This has been the best workout I have ever had. The instructors have been a dream with encouragement and keeping the classes fresh and interesting. It has been about 3 months of classes for me and I am amazed at the changes in my fitness level. I highly recommend this place. - PBX client

PBX® pilates barre extreme is everything

PBX® pilates barre extreme is everything in a Pilates studio you could ever dream of. Each of the trainers are incredible! Libby is awesome at adjusting and keeping your form perfected to get the most out each workout. - PBX client

I wanted to try Pilates...

I wanted to try Pilates because I was so tired of the same old ‘weights and cardio’ routine. Not to mention, at times I couldn’t workout because I was injured in some way from the weights and cardio workout. Within 7 months at PBX®, I had lost 15 pounds and felt great! - PBX client